Evocative debut album of songs which challenge the rich territories between pop, electronica, the avantgard and jazz. Categorise if you can.



‘Something extraordinarily strange and beautiful.’.

Mary Anne Hobbs, BBC Radio 1, Jan 2009

‘Colin Riley has a restless spirit. Though routinely identified as a classical composer, his activities in the past few years have resisted categorization … poised and engaging … Nygård's voice meshes beautifully with Riley's spare orchestrations, wrought from keyboards, bass, electronics, cello.’

John L Walters The Guardian, 2008

‘Rasping blues folksong inflections … icy-breath intimacy … real warmth and passion … the songs are occasionally reminiscent of David Sylvian while Nygård also comes across with the left-field pop sensibility of artists like Beady Belle or Bjork. Fold takes some time to unravel but is worth all the effort.’

Selwyn Harris, Jazzwise, 2008

‘Waifish, melodic drones and obscure jazzy exchanges … the album opens with the lovely, 12k-ish 'Pure', setting quiet, bell-like tones against Nygård's mesmeric vocal … remains complex and mysterious … gentle and effortlessly lovely. Recommended.’

Boomkat, March 2009

‘Spectacularly beautiful and appealing. A provocative album, which challenges one’s prejudices … faintly aromatic of this or that.’

Bill Bruford, 2008

‘There are many intelligent musicians whose work defies casual categorization. The composer Colin Riley is one such musician. His MooV ensemble thrives on the tension between fragmented, minimalist instrumental textures and the ecstatic, lyrical melodies that float across them, suggesting the voice of the impassioned individual surrounded by the indifferent chatter of 21st-century life. Worth seeking out for anyone interested in sassy, sophisticated new music.’

Classical Source 2006